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Dirty/Adults Truth OR Dare Questions

Adults Truth OR Dare Questions : This game is one of the interesting game which is played by many 18+ teens and adults to express their feelings whether it can be love, thoughts, inner feelings and many more. This will be one more romantic evening which will be another awesome memory to you. Guys, these dirty truth or dare questions will surly turn your game even more interesting, embarrassing and makes even more dirty!

Truth OR Dare Questions For Adults

Truth Questions For Adults

1. Have you ever had a one night stand?
2. Where is the weirdest place that you have done it?
3. Have you ever peed in someone’s swimming pool?
4. Does size matter to you?
5. What is your wildest sexual fantasy?
6. What’s your most embarrassing sexual experience?
7. What is your favorite way of doing it?

8. Have you ever found someone attractive who you knew was actually ugly?
9. Have you ever kissed someone of the same sex?
10. Have you ever cross-dressed or worn undergarments of the opposite sex?

Dare Questions For Adults

1. I dare you play the rest of the game naked.
2. Flash the room for two seconds.
3. Kiss someone of the same sex.
4. Give your partner or anyone here a lap dance.
5. I dare you to let me spank you.
6. Exchange all of your clothes with someone else of the opposite sex.
7. I dare you to not to wear underwear for the next two hours.
8. I dare you to take a nude, sexy photo of the two of us.
9. hug any of your opposite sex tightly for 2 minutes
10. I dare you to lick my feet.